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Be among the first to experience IBM Verse

IBM’s recent bonding with Apple and Twitter, their supercomputer Watson and 100 million dollars in research, help transform the way we will send and receive emails.

IBM, the same people who brought us the supercomputer Watson, glorified on Alex Trebek’s “Jeopardy”, has figured out how to make us more productive at work.

IBM Verse is an email collaboration tool guided by powerful analytics to help you prioritize the people and projects that matter most to you. It learns your behaviors and adapts to the way you work – wherever that may be, providing user with less clutter and more clarity.

Instead of an email system that makes you work , imagine one that works for you. That’s ISM Verse. With built-in intelligence and a user-first, user-tested design, this product claims to offer a faster, better way to manage our communications across devices, help us organize inbound and outbound information, and focus on what we need to accomplish.

IBM hopes to bridge the gap between the work force and the pertinent information that will help us succeed. A seamless array of social and mobile capabilities delivered from the cloud helps IBM Verse open up intuitive new way to share valuable information with colleagues, co-workers and customers. It’s never been easier to be mobile, be secure and be connected.

IBM Verse stems from the company’s $100 million investment in design innovation and brings together its leading cloud, analytics, social and security platforms to transform the future of work.

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Kik Interactive – The Communication App with 185 Million Users

This cool communications app has two features that set it apart from other apps of its kind – giving it better than a 4 out of 5 star rating by more than 1.4 million app users.

First, it includes an integrated browser – allowing users to search and browse the web from within the app.

Second, unlike other apps like Whatsapp, for example, KIK (pronounced KICK) doesn’t require a phone number.

According to KIK interactive, 185 million people love using KIK. Google Play has them listed with between 50-100 million active app users.

Whether you meet people at school, work, church, gym, on your favorite social app, or in an online game, KIK lets you connect with everyone you want to talk to. To get their username, just ask them: “What’s your KIK?”


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Fitness Buddy

The exercises are truly comprehensive, including all major fitness equipment such as barbells, the EZ curl bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and stability balls while targeting the core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back and arms. As any good workout program should, it also embeds stretches and cardio into its workouts.

And if that weren’t enough, the userfriendly  interface within the ap provides app user with the ability to add their own custom exercises while highlighting their favorites.

Workouts are available for men or women and makes tracking workouts simple – whether you’re just beginning to get in shape or just focused on staying at the top of your game. Say you want to build a bigger chest, lose weight or tone your butt, Fitness Buddy can provide you with specific routines to match your goals.

And if you’re working out from home, the app can build routines specific to only the equipment you have available for that workout.

The unique body metrics tracking system allows fitness enthusiast the ability to track body weight and the sizes of your chest, arms and thighs as well as graph  your progress.

Fitness Buddy Premium is just $4.99 a month available through iTunes and provides unlimited access to premium programs and Playpen Freeplay workouts, HD videos, dynamic and motivational audio tracks, as well as emails that include workout summaries with tips and advice on healthy living.

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LoyalBlocks – Create a Loyal Local Following

As a Professional Choreographer, I work primarily off word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. It is often hard to find new clients, unless current clients are 100% satisfied and have a reason to promote the dance specialist to their friends and family. One of the best ways to make clients happy, besides providing them with award -winning choreography–like we do–is by offering discounts and reward programs.

For just one small dance routine, choreographers spend a lot of hard work and time planning, dancing, re-evaluating, dancing again, reworking and teaching. Because of the physical and mental effort that goes in to every second of a routine, hiring personal choreographers can seem somewhat expensive. As a professional choreographer, I never want money to be the reason a dancer isn’t able to have amazing choreography.

This is why I’ve implemented tons of different ways for dancers to be able to get great discounts for their professional, personal and inspiring choreographed routines. Lai Rupe’s Choreography posts discounts on their Facebook Page, on their Website, and now they post them on their Loyalty Blocks Mobile App as well! The great thing about having a Loyalty Mobile App is that it rewards clients who return to their business. Satisfied customers eventually become loyal customers and this is the best way to create a successful business; by keeping your clients happy.

The Loyalty Blocks Mobile App is simple to use. Business owners can easily design their app right online. Then customers and clients can simply download the Loyalty Blocks Mobile App onto their smart phones. By down– loading this app, clients gain access to Loyalty Rewards and Coupons for participating local businesses. For example, Alaina Rupe choreographed a routine for a young jazz-soloist who had downloaded the Lai Rupe’s Choreography Loyalty Blocks App on her phone. When she met up with Alaina to learn her choreography, she logged into the app.

This marked off loyalty rewards for hiring Lai Rupe’s Choreography and the soloist was able to save over $50 for her routine. It is that easy! If you are a business owner, looking for a great way to show your customers you care, Lai Rupe’s Choreography strongly suggests using the Loyalty Blocks Mobile App. Never worry about forgetting your membership cards because your status card with each local company is always available on your phone. Just show your card and let the staff and the business location do the rest.

Discover new places that value your loyalty using Loyal Blocks! These establishments are ready to reward you the moment you walk in their doors. Also, if you visit a lot, you can become a VIP and receive even more discounts and privileges! If you are a dancer, dance studio, or drill team looking to hire a professional choreographer with affordable rates, contact Lai Rupe’s Choreography on their website. And be sure to use your Loyal Blocks app for a discount!

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Self Control – A Free MAC App to Help You Avoid Distracting Websites!

The Self Control App is more about our lack of self-control than it is about having it. This open-source application for MAC operating systems lets you block your own access to distracting, productivity-sucking websites, mail servers, gaming sites or anything else internet related.

To use the program, simply decide on a period of time that you need to stay focused, add the sites that you want blacklisted during that time (mine would be Facebook), and click start. Once the application is working, you will be unable to access those sites – even if you restart your computer or delete the application, until the time that you set for staying focused expires. It’s a procrastinator’s worst nightmare and greatest asset.

Developers Charlie Stigler and Steve Lambert and many more contributors created this application designed to keep productive people from their worst enemy – themselves! Which websites distract you? If they are YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, remove them for an hour or so.

Whether you are a student, business professional, or stay-at-home Mom, this app can keep you focused on what you need to be doing for as long as you need to concentrate on the task at hand. The download is only 1.9 mb, so it doesn’t take up much space. For more information, go to

Sure, you could still take a nap or call a friend if you need a break during the time you’ve set aside to be productive. But at least Pinterest and Flickr are “out of the picture”.

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flickr – Photography Beautified!

When it comes to photography, app users want to:

• Capture and edit pictures that look like they were taken by a professional;

• Have access to billions of beautifully crafted photos all in one place; and

• Have the ability to share our photos and any other images we like with our friends, family and social networks.

Thanks to Flickr, all three of these features are available in one easy-to-use app

Although Charley Hutchison first developed the FriendsforFlickr mobile app two years ago when he was only twelve-years old (see accompanying video), Flickr now provides its online app users with a mobile version available through iTunes and Google Play. According to many app users, Flickr is the best photo capturing/editing app available.

Some of the reasons why is because of the several options not available on other photo editing apps. Some of the features offered on Flickr to take eye-popping pictures include: Focus and exposure control, flash or no Flash control, choice of camera (front or back), digital zoom and grid option to make sure that everything is where it should be. Flickr is a whole new way to be your own photographer. You can share your personal photos with other Flickr or keep them to yourself.

You can take as many photos as you want, because all app users are provided with 1,000 GB of free storage. Your images can be organized into several albums made at your discretion (by event, date, subject, people involved, work-related, etc.). With Flickr you can also upload and share videos.

App users have the ability to zoom in while recording up to a minute and a half of content. When you are done with the video, you can preview your recording then add a caption, share your video, change your privacy, add a location and add it to an album. Two initial photo editing options include: • Color editing.

This feature allows you to change the level of color on your photo. You can choose from Original, Bleached, Antique, Noir, Dublin, Super Fade, and more.

• Image editing. Have fun revising your image’s saturation level, brightness, contrast, exposure and white balance. You can even rotate your photo. The app provides “The Weekly Flickr” where you can view public photos with the option to Fave (or favorite) a picture or video posted by someone else. You can also add your own comments about the image.

Then you can share the photo or video that you like with your social groups. With free access to add more than 500,000 photos to your Flickr portfolio, this online and mobile app is just what photographic journalists need to capture, edit, organize and share their talents with the world.

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